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Check out our current BUY prices:

Gold ounces, i.e. Maples, Krugerrands, Eagles, Buffalos and more: Paying spot PLUS $50

Silver Eagles spot PLUS $7.00

Other Government Silver Ounces spot PLUS $3.00

Silver Rounds and Bars under 100 ounces spot PLUS $3.00 per ounce

100 ounce Silver Bars paying FULL SPOT

U.S. 90% Junk Silver 17 times face value

Come by today for CASH!
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Buying world Coins!

Harry's is actively buying coins from all over the world. Gold, silver, old new it's all interesting to us! Even paper currency would be of interest. Sometimes when we come home from trips abroad, there are leftover cons and currency. We are happy to buy it all!

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